Cylch Meithrin Myrddin

Cylch Meithrin Myrddin moved in to Yr Atom in January 2016. The Cylch leader Enfys Spiers has 20 years experience while Eirlys Sharp has been working in the early years field  for nearly a decade.

Cylch Meithrin

2 and a half – 4 years old

Monday – Friday

9:00am – 11:30am

Cylch Ti a Fi

Babies and toddlers with their parents

Tuesday and Thursday

11:45am – 13:15pm

Cylch Meithrin

For more information, or if you would like to make an application for a place at Cylch Meithrin Myrddin, please contact Enfys 07867 988 087 (during Cylch opening hours)

Cylch Meithrin

Tia Fi is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents/carers.  The Cylch Ti a Fi places a great emphasis on togetherness and encourages parents/carers to join in the various activities.

Appropriate baby changing facilities and toys are available.

Cylch Meithrin Myrddin is located in Ystafell Myrddin. It is a comfortable, colourful room, thanks to Cyw and his friends. S4C and yr Atom are proud to have worked together to decorate Wal Cyw / Cyw’s wall

Cylch Myrddin Website